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CTT GROUP is the leading technical textiles, geosynthetics and advanced textile-based materials R & D Laboratory in Canada and one of the most respected in the world.

Founded in 1983 as a technology transfer center associated with the Saint-Hyacinthe College, CTT GROUP has quickly grown and developed into a multidisciplinary professional institute. As such, it is at once a respected R & D center, a sophisticated testing laboratory, a technology transfer center and an industry and business association.

By its reputation and vision, CTT GROUP has attracted some of the world's top scientific minds, reliable engineers and exceptional professional talent. This highly specialized and experienced team is lead by a true visionary – himself a respected scientist – Dr. Jacek Mlynarek.

Under his leadership, CTT GROUP has broken new ground and opened new horizons for both the Corporation and its clients. It has fostered relationships with similar organizations throughout the world, built privileged relationships with governments, universities and industry in Canada and abroad and advanced innovation in the fields of technical textiles, geosynthetics and advanced textile-based materials.

To offer an extensive range of services dedicated to technological innovation and commercialization.

Industry, manufacturers, engineers, designers, builders, governments, procurement officers, institutions and consumers.

To be a generator of technological innovation and economic expansion for the textile and technical materials industries.